I wonder if its possible for me to take my own products for my next deva. Or maybe I should just take the plunge everytime cause I love how my hair looks after! I love the cuts juat not the whole deva products thing being shoved down my throat. They uses globs of product and I feel like their not gentle at all. Then I get stuck under a dryer forever and I hate the heat use thing. Idk I'll ask um next time.

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*Current Routine*
CO/CW: CJ Daily Fix, GR Restorative, SM RSB, SM SFC
DC: SM, CJ Rehab, G.Nutrafix, DIY
Sealers: an oil, JC N&S
Stylers: just CO, CJ CIAB, KCCC, aloe gel, FSG
Once in a while: ACV, Lemon-Aid

Oils to seal, rinse, and/or pre-poo as needed

2c/3a/3b coarse, normal porosity
CG since 2007