Not on my own hair, it's too short ATM. But it can vary wildly, from "not skintight" around my face (what I like) to a Brigette Bardot poof! I got the idea from a friend, who is a MUA/hair guru. I said I love a bit of poof, but the lower half of my ponytail always drags it down. She said... just use two hair elastics. Ding!

A lot of women do the "poof" by teasing the crown and pinning that back, then making a single ponytail. I don't want a big ol' crown poof (my head is already kind of pointy), I want more volume evenly around my hairline, so I take that whole front hairline area and leave it out, then kind of tease/puff it gently like I'm making a poof, but instead of pinning it (I hate looking at the pins or rolling onto them in yoga!) I just use an elastic to anchor it to the pre-existing ponytail. I leave the top on kind of looser so it covers the "break." It's never pulled down by the lower one, so far!

On me it kind of winds up like this:

I just don't slick it down as much on the sides, either. If I tried to do this look with a single ponytail, the weight would instantly drag it down. So... two sections it is. The bottom one has to be very firmly anchored!

LOL, am I making sense? Glad this is helpful to people.
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