BrittanyKd and Yella,

How often do you do a DC treatment on your hair? Do you prepoo?

I have low porosity strands too and do a DC every two weeks. I used to do one every week, but once I got my moisture levels stable, I was able to go to every two weeks with the DC. Also, I lowpoo weekly (I can't cowash, it causes too much build up on my scalp and my hair strands eventually too) and I make sure I prepoo every week without fail. Finally, I DC and prepoo using indirect heat (i.e. heat cap) because this opens up my hair cuticles and allows the moisture and oils to get inside.

These are things that I have done that have made a tremendous difference for me with regard to combatting chronically dry tresses.
Me Fascina El Pelo

Low Porosity; Medium Strands; Dense