There are so many dozens and dozens of hair care lines out there, I don't see why it isn't possible to find an affordable conditioner that is best for your personal hair. I would personally balk at using an expensive one (let's say, $6 or more per bottle), because I'm dense w/low porosity and use several big handfuls every time I co-wash!

The one I use (in my sig) to co-wash is sort of mid-range pricing, I guess, but it is hands-down the best co-wash for me. With a little detective work I learned I can buy it in bulk at my local health food store. That makes it about half the price for the same amount!
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Hair: curlybob, fine, dense, low-po, big waves/ringlets (2C/3A)
Co-Wash: Nature's Gate Herbal Conditioner
RO: YTC Carrot, Aubrey Organics GPB
LI: BS Shea Soft Styling Cream (HG)
Styling: KCCC, Garnier P&C Gel
1xWeek: low-poo, gelatin PT or Joico K-Pak
Hair Likes: aloe, coconut oil, humidity, protein, long walks on the beach