Not sure how long your hair is, but since I'm terrible at hair and this technique usually gets lots of compliments I figured I'd share. BTW, my hair is about chin length, and this works well on my hair when it's between chin length and shoulder length...after that it's long enough to put up using my clip (which is much faster!).

Basically I pull my hair back in loose sections and bobby-pin them at the back. I start with one section to the right of my part, pull it back and give it as light twist, then pin it. Then I do the same with the section to the left of my part.

Then, I grasp the hair in the center of the back of my head, and twist it upward, then clip. This give a little volume to your "bun".

Then, I pull back each side (loosely), give each a little twist and clip. Lastly, I clip up the bottom part at my nape...twist up and clip.

I end up with a "do" that looks like a messy bun, even though my hair is nowhere near long enough to form a bun. It is my "GOTO" routine on 2nd and 3rd day as I just can't get good repeat curls on those days and who wants to co-wash every day? Not me! Too lazy

Hope this helps!
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