i have another one.

i was 13 and homelife was really bad. my parents were too busy living the high life (if you get my meaning) and things were all around crappy. there was stuff i needed such as personal hygiene products, clothes that fit, socks adn underwear without holes and food. being 13 its really hard to find a job to pay for these things. so any order to get things i needed, i begin to shoplift. i only took things i didnt like deorderant, underwear, socks, and food. i then progresssed to taking money out of fountains. you know the kind where people woould throw in change and make a wish? i actually felt bad about that because i felt i was stealing wishes. (thanks Goonies!) so a friend (who was in a worst situation than me) taught me to pan-handle. we lived near johns hopkins university and those students be banking. so we would hang out there and ask for money for the bus, or say we are short a few cents for something. they would give us dollar bills y'all!! after a few hours we would have a enough money and go get a pizza or something else to eat.

after a bit, i just felt embarrassed. so i went back to just shoplifting. eventually I met awesome friends who i could go over house and not have to be home any longer. i still shoplifted to buy things i needed, but i finally got a job at 17 and could pay for things i needed.
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