I used sulfate shampoos for the longest and they dried out my hair and made it frizzy. Now I use sulfate free shampoos like Healthy Sexy Hair/Curly Sexy Hair and I have been getting lots of buildup and my hair is weighed down. I realized the second and third ingredient are silicones which cause buildup. So it's like there's no winning...what should I use?

I do want to use shampoo btw. I know some people use the no shampoo method but I couldn't imagine doing that. My hair gets very dark and gross looking after I haven't washed in 2 days. I couldn't imagine never using shampoo.
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I've started using Curl Care by Dr. Miracle Rehydrating Shampoo. It's sulfate free and seems to be working pretty well so far. My only thing against it is the smell, like Robitussin and a hint of mint, but luckily the smell doesn't linger on the hair. I think I got it for about nine bucks and it came with a free conditioner sample. (The condish didn't include ingredients on the back so I didn't use it, but it left my backpack stemming nice when I found out it had burst all over it! Lol)
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