I don't care about how fabulous your job is. It's a job. Is it WHO you are? Lawd help you. Retire and you will die. I can't wait to retire!!!!! I am who I am and I am not a job title or description.

Your sex life. Your past drug use. The fact that you are shocked I have never done an illegal drug in my entire life and never wanted to.

Anyone's fanatical political views. Don't care. I have made reasonable, intelligent decisions about my political views and your ranting is not going to change my mind. E.V.E.R.

Who Me? - you nailed my view on suburban trendy brands. Thank you for not making me explain it

Any reality shows because they are not reality, only for show.

I am not impressed by your wallet, what's in your wallet, etc. I am impressed by how you treat people. I am impressed by a sense of humor. If you have to tell me what your socio-economic class is then you have an issue I don't want to hear about. If you have an issue that I might can help with, tell me about it without pigeon-holing it into some ridiculous stereotype.

Watching sports on tv. Please just say no. I love to play sports. I will watch my kids play sports. Sports on tv. No thanks. Except the Olympics, which seems to be a trend in this thread.