THE DARK SIDE HAS BETTER COOKIES, KAYB!!! [Hee, I like that the cookies you like are covered in powdered sugar and mine have chocolate on the outside.]

There's this one song that's in the mix they play for the yoga class I take and the last few times it's always been the song to kick off the corpse pose (shavasana) we finish with to cool down, and it tries to mess with me every time. The problem comes up in the very first lines. This dude's all, "I am colooorrrrblind. Coffee black and egg whiiiiiiiite," and I'm like, um, can you not? Or can you maybe assure me you're talking about actual colorblindness by referencing it again in any way in the rest of the song? I'm glad you're folding and unfolding and fine and stuff, but can you throw in a "I'm also totally chill with being unable to tell red and green apart"? How does this statement even relate to the rest of what you're saying? Everything else is just calming stuff about being happy with life or whatever, so why must you remind me of those jerkasses who deny the racist things they just said by claiming to be "colorblind"?

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