Hi! I think when it comes to products it depends on the thickness of your hair, the porosity, the water you use, and the environment you're in. I co-wash pretty often because it is dusty where I'm at and I also have to use the LOCO (liquid, oil (light), cream, oil/butter (heavy)) method or OCO, depending on the day. Are you using a leave-in? I like the Shea Moisture leave-in so far better than anything else. Curls Whipped Cream is nice and it's heavy so it weighs my hair down if I want it to stay elongated and moisturized. I use the pink eco-styler for hold (it doesn't dry my hair, make it crunchy, or cause flakes). I just bought some Camille Rose products off of Amazon but I haven't tried them yet. Does your hair need heavy products vs. light? Are you sealing in moisture? Also, have you tried Curlformers? These are great if you want to change the style of your hair without using heat. Also, I'd check youtube if you want more styling options and product reviews. Good luck.
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