Just reading the posts on the nuclear stuff and a story comes on the news about the Japanese catching and shooting wild pigs who have moved into the area around Fukushima (?sp) and are apparently 'thriving' there. They're testing them for levels of radioactivity. Poor pigs, but I guess it'll give them an idea of what is happening in the environment around there.
I was brought up (and my parents still live) very near the Windscale nuclear reprocessing plant in the UK which was bad enough. They used to bury the waste nearby or send it out to sea. The Irish Sea was at one point the most radioactive sea in the world - I used to swim in it. Ugh. Now I live in a state in Australia where they used to test nuclear bombs back in the 50's (I think it was the 50's). They never told the people working there what was going on, let alone the indigenous people who lived there. It's still a restricted area all these years later.

But on a lighter note - I still have a Holly Hobby doll and china mug that I keep my make-up brushes in.
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After I talked about Oak Ridge I caught part of a show about the Manhattan Project on The Weather Channel and as I was playing on You Tube later I caught a video about conditions in the different project sites. Los Alamos didn't have proper roads or adequate water. Oak Ridge was a giant, over crowded, mud hole and didn't have heat in most of the living quarters. It was slap dash building of secret cities, and I hope they at least enjoy the view. :-/

I remember reading about Windscale years ago. It was a quickly built result/aftermath of the Manhattan/Tuballoy joint effort, if I remember right. So scary.
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