ok this is a biggy and i may even get arrested for this. but maybe not because i was only 6!

I watched a movie when I was a kid about a girl's boarding school. all the students were super smart and spoke french and latin and reading giant books. even the not so smart girl was reading books! i wanted to be them. i wanted to be super smart and know all the languages and read all the big books. In my school those stupid kids couldnt even read, so not to hurt their feelings i had to pretend i couldnt read. I could read when i was 3!! they were trying to read books I read when i was 3!!! I was so bored, and I hated school!!

so i asked my parents if i could go to boarding school. they said "NO! be stupid like all the other kids at your stupid school who cant read little stupid baby books!!" (not really, but thats how i saw it in my kiddie brain). So, i thought that if my parents were dead i would get their insurance money and so then i could pay for myself to go to the fancy smarty pantsy boarding school.

mommy always told me that if i drink cleaning products i would die, so i dipped their toothbrushes in bleach. the good news is they didn't die. the bad news is i never got to learn all the languages. oh and my parents had no insurance, so if they died i would had to live with my grandma. And would probably be a whole lot more screwed up then i am now.

Please don't call the cops on me!! I was a kid! I was young and stupid!!
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You not only did not kill them, but you probably kept them from catching a virus that month