I tried the gelatin PT today and I don't think I really liked it. The good news is that I finally made gelatin without lumps (so that wasn't the problem), but it was very tricky to apply and most of it fell off my head (this sounds really silly), made the bathtub really slippery and I don't think my hair got a lot of protein from it this way. Thus, it's difficult to say whether it really helped or not.

Also, I received CJ Curl Assurance Gentle Cleansing Shampoo today (I'm so happy I'm low-pooing again! Really liked the shampoo) and CJ CCCL. usually, after washing (or waterspraying) my hair, I apply CJ CQ to soaking wet hair, plop for 45-60 minutes (I know most people can plop for only 15 minutes but that doesn't work for me) and after that, I scrunch in a little CQ. Today, I used CCCL before plopping (fingercombing it through my hair) and CQ only after plopping (scrunching). My hair is still drying but it looks nice so far, so I'm curious to see the result when it's dry!

I was wondering btw... The shampoo bottle says something about slip but I can't really find a translation. Can anyone explain me what slip is or means or how I can observe it?
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