Hello curlies!

I could really use some advice from u guys. I had a haircut a year and a half ago (kind of a big chop) and it was awful, it was uneven and my hair looked horrible. I decided not to fix it because it was already short and I was really sad, didn't wanna see another scissor for a long time... I thought it was gonna get better in time, but it didn't now my hair is shoulder length and its still uneven...
Im kind of in the middle of a dilemma, I dont know if i should just cut it so its even and let it grow again, or if i should cut the ends and wait for my hair to eventually (after a looong time) look better.

Do u have any suggestion? I don't really wanna cut it, short hair doesn't suit me at all, but at the same time I get really sad each time i want to wear my hair down and I cant bc its uneven.

HELP ME! Uneven hair-imageuploadedbycurltalk1364689892.535217.jpgUneven hair-imageuploadedbycurltalk1364689943.382112.jpg

Ps.: i can dissimulate my uneven haircut when I wash and style my hair, but 2nd day hair is a mess.