I've tried the coconut and hibiscus line, the raw shea butter line, and the purification mask from the African black soap line. The coconut and hibiscus line did nothing for my hair. The Curl enhancing smoothie had a tacky texture, and was really drying. I tried it as a leave-in, a deep conditioner, and a moisturizer, and I got nothing. I tried the styling milk, and it was OK at first, but then got a little greasy. The raw shea butter line was too heavy, and the shampoo made my scalp itch. Lastly, the African black soap purification mask worked really well, but after a while the scent got on my nerves. I don't like to smell like food (strong banana, or plantain scent).

I haven't changed my signature in a long time, so if you see any Shea Moisture products just know that I don't use them anymore.
Fine w/some thickness at the crown
Med Porosity/Low Protein
Henna-once/twice a year
Terressentials Mud Wash-2/3X a month
Aussie Moist Condish- Detangler, AOGBP Condish-rare protein tx
AO White Camellia-Deep Condish
CJ Smoothing Lotion- Leave-in
JessiCurl WDT- Leave-in
Water/Aloe Vera Juice/Oil blend-Moisturizing Spritz

OILS-Scalp prewash: coconut oil/tea tree/lavender blend
Sealant(s): Coconut/Shea/Argan/Castor/Olive blend

Staple Styler: KCCC!!!