I've only been CG since last October (so only about 5/6 months!) and I'm still tweaking a lot. I also haven't had the money to buy any of the fancy stuff, so that'll happen this summer. BUT, what I've got so far...

I wash my hair every 2/3 days (usually 3 if I can help it- sometimes 4 if I'm doing absolutely nothing!).
- Co-wash with L'Oreal EverCreme clarifying conditioner, mostly I just keep it to my scalp because the pump is so freakin annoying and I don't love the smell at all, but it's made my hair so soft and lovely so...

- Rinse out Just Bee Naturals Soy & Pomegranate Conditioner OR Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Conditioner (I usually use the icequeen method here, but I always use a huge palmful because I'm always trying to add more moisture- I mostly aim for the squishy seaweed feeling!)
- I used to use TresEmme Naturals moisture, but after a while it made my scalp SUPER itchy so, it's been cut for a while.

- if I'm feeling up to it I do most of it upside down, but I have a pretty crappy neck and my scoliosis has been giving me heck lately so often I just don't, but it definitely gives me better volume when I do!

- that's pretty much it for my IN the shower routine, I usually do the conditioners first and leave them in my hair the duration of my shower, but I also always rinse it all out because I really just dislike the feeling of leaving it in. My curl pattern is pretty weak too, so I usually cup my hair in my hands for most of the shower (when it's under the water directly anyway) to try and not mess that up too much with the stream

- OKAY SO then I scrunch out some of the moisture w/ a tshirt, because my hair is super low porosity and if it's soaking wet nothing soaks in

- then I smooth & rake through a leave in, either the Yes to Carrots Leave in Conditioner or Live Clean Exotic Argan Oil Smooth&Shine stuff

- then I supersoaker my hair to get some moisture BACK in (so complicated right? but it definitely reduces frizz & promotes GOOD clumps in my stupid clumpy hair!)

- then I smooth & scrunch in some gel, right now it alternates between the Herbal Essences Totally Twisted curl scrunching gel which is okay, and the Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Styling Gel (which gives me AWESOME definition, is great for frizz reducing, and actually gives me second day hair!)

- then I plop in the wet tshirt I used for scrunching earlier, usually for as long as I have or remember, so often 20+ minutes

- currently I SOTC with either a tiny bit of JoJoBa, or slightly damp hands, but also often nothing

Before I go to bed, I always try and massage my scalp upside down for a couple minutes. I'm trying to grow to as much as possible, but also I just really like scalp massages. Sometimes I use a little jojoba or grapeseed oil, sometimes I don't. But it's a lovely routine!
To get second day hair, I have to sleep with my hair pineapple-d (which is still a little tough, as parts of it aren't yet long enough for that...) and tied with a small satin-y scarf I've got instead of a pony tail elastic or scrunchie, and my pillows covered in a silk scarf to reduce friction etc.
Then in the morning I usually wet my hands and run them over my hair & scrunch softly- sometimes I'll add a tiny bit of water or spray with a lavender water/jojoba mixture.

For the most part, I can even get pretty good 2nd day hair and even a little bit of 3rd day curl with this method, but usually it's third day ponytail because, again, my curl pattern is pretty loose and most of it by then has fallen into annoying half-waves (but in a pony it still looks pretty good).

I'm still searching for stuff to reduce frizz (my biggest challenge) and get maybe just a little more root lift/definition. I really want to try some of the more "well known" products, especially ones without protein because I don't think my hair really needs it, and I'm getting really frustrated with my limited Canadian drug store options!

Hope that mass of information helps in some way though!

2C-3A (Botticelli/Corkicelli) / med density / low porosity / ii / super frizz prone (spider web/flyaway/surface frizz)
CG since Oct 2012.

Current Products:
L'Oreal EverCreme Cleansing Conditioner
Just Bee Natural Bee Pomegranate Conditioner
Yes to Carrots Leave In Conditioner
Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Styling Gel
Craving Products:
BBs Styling Mudd, Cocoa Java Hemp Hair Butter, Brulee
CK Satin Roots & Coil Jam
AG Re:coil
CJ Curl Rehab
Spiral Solutions

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