I think I'm going to do my first shipment soon from either iHerb or Curlmart. Is it cheaper to ship through iHerb? I haven't looked into either yet.

Yes, I do mean the festival Holi. My hair is now multi-colored and I'm pretty sure the dyes aren't CG-friendly.

I get my hair cut by Joey at Icon Matsuo Shinjo (sp?) at 100AM. She does a decent cut so I've done repeat cuts there but I'm 2a/2b... I don't know how she would handle 3's or 4's. They always blow dry my hair there straight and then add curl after cutting which aggravates me but I think next time I go I'm going to flat out refuse and bring my own shampoo/condish. Eh... not looking forward to be the weirdo but oh well.

Also before Joey I had the worst long hair haircut ever. I used to think it was almost impossible to mess up a basic "long layers" haircut but they've proved me wrong! I was a frizzball for months.