CP I'm with ya on the sports.

Stay classy, RCW.
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I didn't even see that post. I'm speechless... and completely appalled.
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Go ahead and be appalled. Go ahead and think I'm evil. I could write a yard of text on animal rescue and the corruption and power-trips of some rescue groups, how I'm not even allowed to rescue from a local group because I don't have a fenced property so I must be an irresponsible owner even though I've owned dogs for 50 years. Not to mention that if people actually did what rescuers preach and only adopted from rescue and shelters, we'd end up with almost nothing but badly bred pitbulls. No thanks. I'll stick to my well-bred puppies of breeds I actually want, obtained from small well-researched breeders. There's nothing inherently wrong or evil in obtaining pets from sources other than rescue and people shouldn't be made to feel guilty when they buy a puppy from a breeder.
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Oh boo ****ing hoo. I am so sick of you whining about this. You know where there are crazy, power-mad people? EVERYWHERE. What makes you such a special snowflake because you ran into some in animal rescue? Get over it, already.

"Could" write a yard of text? You have! On these very boards!

And you're wrong about the pitbull thing. You're wrong about a lot of stuff, actually.

Seriously, just shut it already.