Have you tried simply co washing and not rinsing out completely to leave some conditioner in your hair like described in the cf handbook, it may be enough to calm your hair enough to wear out of the door.

Try going back to this simple routine and if its not enough add one thing at a time.

A lot of people don't seem to do anything more than scrunch in a gel after they shower, which seems as uncomplicated as it gets to me. Very few people are like your friend who has to do nothing.

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2C, Medium thickness, Low posity
Recovering from a year of keratin and bleach with CG


Low Poo, Condition, Leave in, Curl cream, Supersoak, Gel, Diffuse on high heat, with minimal lift to encourage waves and reduce frizz, Dry on cool with nozzle down to smooth hair and finish drying,Shine Serum

Weekly gelatin protien treatments.