I so feel your pain. I remember how when I was little the smell of the chemicals would make me so nauseated I would throw up. My mom would actually keep a bowl nearby while she did my hair so I could lean over and puke then she'd keep right on doing my hair saying "you have to suffer to be beautiful."

And I have also had my hair stuck to my scalp many times after a wrapping my hair after a fresh relaxer. Oh, the pain of having it pull it away from my scalp. I told the beautifician and her advice was to put Neosporin on it. I'm so glad I've been set free.

I bc'ed after four months. I'm not the long transition type either. But as insurance you could make sure you grow it long enough to get braids if you choose. There was a Dr. Oz show I remember seeing showing what relaxers do your hair that was compelling. There are some YT videos as well. But honestly, if your mom doesn't have an open mind there isn't much you can do.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.