I don't suppose any of you have any experience with immigration issues, do you? Because I have those too on top of this bull crap.
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Oh no, is this why you wrote that you didn't know WTF was going to happen to you now? What is your current immigration status? I'm sorry I don't know anything about how that stuff works, but are green cards obtained via marriage conditional? I know there are other curlies who have dealt with immigration troubles but I can't recall who - maybe you should start a thread to ask them about it.

Okay, so I'm no closer to picking one of those cameos, but the Universe still decided to confuse me more. I put on a pair of glasses that were sitting on my mom's bookshelf which she claims are non-bifocal reading glasses. Okay, so they do make the text on the computer screen along with everything else bigger, so they are clearly magnifying like reading glasses. But they also increase the clarity of, say, the titles on the spines of books on a shelf that's...IDK, six or eight or something feet away. Um. Are you sure you're reading glasses? The tiny writing on the side (which I couldn't read if I needed reading glasses, LOL!) says: L.135mm CV and then Samantha Rose Demi, which must be an old brand name. This...seems like something that would be on reading glasses? IDK, I just find it very strange for what are supposedly reading glasses, meant to assist with hyperopia, to be correcting mild myopia. This is not their job.

Hm, I wonder if the purple pendant is lighter in person. If I'm gonna keep being this indecisive, I ought to just copy that text and stick it in its own thread so someone else can tell me what to do. Blerg, Y I NO MAKE DECISION??

...It's a siggie.