I like it, but need it stronger next time. I made it kind of low-key for the first try. I made my PT as follows:

1.5 teaspoons (t) of gelatine (Knox plain) sprinkled over 1 Tablespoon (T) of cold water to avoid lumps.

3 T of hot water, stirred to dissolve gelatine.

1 t coconut oil

1 t Aubrey Organics GPB

1/4 t ACV

It stayed fairly thin. I low-pooed, conditioned with GPB, towel-dried. Then I poured this over my head while upside-down, using a big plastic bowl to catch the extra (how I always do my rinses). I dunked my ends into it and used my hands to squish everything around. I needed more than I made. Twice as much would have really soaked my hair instead of just being barely enough.

I left it on for half an hour, with a plastic bag and towel turban, then rinsed it out and used Suave Coconut conditioner.

The result? Better than it was. Next time, I'll make a double batch that is slightly stronger and leave out the coconut oil.

My hair was teetering on the brink of overmoisturized, as it always is with the CG method. This is what led me to stop CG the first time, actually - I never encountered the "protein" part of the equation and my hair got too lank. I'm in love with PTs now, after this and my GPB. My hair isn't quite back in balance yet, but it has more bounce and less smooshiness at the ends. Very happy about this!
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Hair: curlybob, fine, dense, low-po, big waves/ringlets (2C/3A)
Co-Wash: Nature's Gate Herbal Conditioner
RO: YTC Carrot, Aubrey Organics GPB
LI: BS Shea Soft Styling Cream (HG)
Styling: KCCC, Garnier P&C Gel
1xWeek: low-poo, gelatin PT or Joico K-Pak
Hair Likes: aloe, coconut oil, humidity, protein, long walks on the beach