I didn't get the permanent job I applied for where I'm temping. Part of me is crushed (what? how could they not like/want me????). Part of me is happy, it's a long drive, I'm still not over the mental abuse of my last job (seriously, I have heart palpatations when I get up to go the restroom and there isn't anyone to tell where I'm going. Yes at my last job I had to ask permission to use the restroom).

So it's high and low, crushed yet relieved?
When I grow up, I wanna be a Jiujitsu Turtle!

My british name, courtesy of Ninja Dog Shade Haven-Staffordshire: TRBL Hough Jewelstone Turtleneck

Its chaos a few hairs at a time. ~Minxy

"Dispute not with her: she is lunatic." -Richard III