Well fess up, missy. How old are you? (I just broke a cardinal woman law.)

Okay, one more and I will be done. My freshman year in high school I became close friends with a wonder, smart, incredibly funny, and extremely tall guy. We had several classes together and would sometimes get sick of a few snarky girls in our classes that made fun of peoples appearances. They liked to push buttons and hit people where they were the most insecure. They never did it to us, but did it in front of us non stop.

So, one day my friend brought an older tape recorder to school. It made everything sound a little messed up anyway. We did our best demented Muppet impressions, and recorded personalized messages for each 'mean' girl. After school, my friend called me and we in turn 3 way called each person.

Ring, ring... Hello?
Is your butt at home?
Is. Your. Butt. At. Hooooome?

Ring, ring... Hello.
Are your teeth at home?
Who is this?!?!
Are. Your. Teeth. At. Hoooome?

I have to confess!-imageuploadedbycurltalk1364861680.162592.jpg

So on and so forth. Hahaha. We died numerous times that day.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??