I agree with RCW,

I mean the little kid probably doesn't know what ORGASM means or even know about that word...period.

So, if they asked what's sweetgasm...um the name of the bakery. Period point blank. Because it is.

off topic:

When I was a child I said orgasm out loud instead of organism because I learned about organisms in 4th grade and my parents freaked out, and then I kept saying orgasm because they spazzed, everytime I said it, I had no idea what it meant, I didn't care either, I just liked to make them spazz.

Depending on the age a kid isn't going to care what the word means, and again, RCW point is truth, it's not a real word, its the name of the bakery. So techinically you don't have to explain anything, unless they know of the word orgasm...and can put those two together.