Hi Thanks for all the info, it really helps. I'm from Indonesia, though for the moment I'm residing in China (which doesn't change the fact of how hard it is to find CG products...). I'm currently using Kerastase Oleo Curl since I can't find any other shampoo meant for curl hairs. Got any recommendation for a replacement? Cause Kerastase could get a bit pricey at times...
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I wish I can help but I have no idea what is available in China. I think in terms of shampoo, look for one with gentler surfactants like decyl glucoside or cocaminodopropyl betaine. That being said, I've used shampoos with these surfactants and I've still found the shampoos overall too drying on my hair (though they're less harsh than SLS or SLES). If you find that you buy a shampoo with those ingredients and it is still too harsh try adding coconut oil to your shampoo! I do 50/50 shampoo/coconut oil and I love it! Now I mostly co-wash but life happens (like Holi) and sometimes my hair needs a low-poo. You can also of course add coconut oil to a sulfate shampoo if that's all you can find. Olive oil works as well.

Stay away from silicones and get a good conditioner!

PS- I don't really believe any of the marketing of "curly shampoo" though I can't say anything about the specific one you're using. In general, the only thing that would make a shampoo curly-friendly would be that it is moisturizing and not-stripping... in which case it could be used by any hair type, even straight. So look for moisturizing products but don't necessarily believe "moisturizing" labels; always read the ingredients!
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'bout the products, since I'm in Guangzhou which is only 2 hours away from HK, there'll be no problems. Hong Kong got everything there sometimes at an even cheaper price than in Singapore. BTW, anyone tried Redken's Ringlet conditioner? I'm thinking of giving it a shot... Or are there any better recommendations?