Update! I couldn't wait anymore so I tried the gelatine PT again. First cleansed with me low poo, then made a batch of the PT and put it in a spray bottle.

I've got some good and some bad news.

The spray bottle worked like a charm. I put the mixture in there when it was still very liquid and I was able to divide it very evenly this way. Just make sure you spray a fair amount of really warm water to cleanse the thing afterwards.

I let it sit for ten to fifteen minutes. I'm not sure if it's supposed to feel like this but it definitely felt gelatine-like. Rinsed it and was left with I-just-emerged-from-the-swimmingpool hair. Used a tiny blob of conditioner to restore the balance. It felt really soft like always when I use a conditioner.

Then I scrunched it with my hands and t-shirt. When it was not dripping any more, I scrunched in a tiny bit of CJ CCCL. Plopped for fifteen minutes. Now, my hair is still drying but it looks like a frizz ball whereas I'm naturally not someone who frizzes quickly.

I'm confused. I don't know whether my hair likes protein or not, or whether it likes emollients or not. Or what styler it likes. It looks like **** these days.
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Tiny blob of conditioner wasn't enough moisture. The gelatine PT is strong. You may need to do a DT to restore the moisture balance. Or, at least, slather with really rich conditioner and leave it on for a few minutes while you shower--about the time you'd need to shave your legs, LOL!
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Thanks for the advice! I guess I was just being careful after overconditioning over and over again.

And excuse me for my word use in my previous post, I didn't realise I used it. Oops
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