When you say "turned white," do you mean gray hair white? Or bleached blonde white?

If you're totally natural now, I can't see why it would break from color. Plus gray hair is so much more coarse and strong. And you keep it short, too? Why are you worried about breakage?

Do you want to cover the gray or not?
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It's not bleached blond; it's white instead of gray. It breaks all the time, even now. It is super fine (diameter wise) so I don't get split ends; it just breaks. It's in the best condition it's ever been in, but if it gets tangled, it will break. I am trying to grow it out. It's down to the tops of my shoulders now and the ends don't feel rough at all.

I don't know if I want to color the white or just get some color back into it so it's not so pale.

I can give more info on dye releasing if you're interested.
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Yes, please! My experience with henna made my hair mostly bright orange and I want to avoid that. I know that they do some warm brown hennas now too. I like the idea of a "sheer" color that would be easy to maintain. Ya'll know I am lazy and blame it on being low maintenance!

curlypearl - alternating 2 colors sounds interesting. I'll keep that in mind.