I always rinse quinoa thoroughly before cooking...otherwise it tastes a bit like dirt.

As a savory main or side dish, I like to cook it in bouillon or stock (chicken/beef/fish) instead of plain water. I love it mixed with mushrooms and bits of carmelized onions and carrots. Peas go well mixed with it too. Any vegetable really. Scrambled eggs too. I make a breakfast-savory-dinner thing with it...quinoa, scrambled eggs, fried bacon, mushrooms, green onions.

I've added it to soups of all kinds for extra texture.

It's also good cooked as a breakfast porridge and eaten with sugar and cinnamon and butter. As with oatmeal or other grains, a beaten egg whisked into the simmering quinoa porridge just before serving makes it creamy and adds extra protein. Cooked with raisins will make the raisins "plump" and delicious.

Go wild. It's a versatile grain that can take experimentation. I don't follow recipes myself, so I can't really share any. I mostly cook by the seat of my pants.

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