I'm still rather new (CG since march 8th, "curly" since february 21st) and I'm afraid of both protein and moisture...

My hair was really dry so I gave it a lot of moisture...
Now the dryness seems almost gone, but my hair starts to get a bit limp ...
My real problem is that I have tried a moisturetreatment (honey-oliveoil) for half an hour, a protein-moisturetreatment (banana-milk-egg-honey-oliveoil) for half an hour and the gelatinproteintreatment for 5 minutes and that I didn't notice good or bad effects...
I would even like it more to get bad effects so I would know what my hair doesn't like... but now I don't know if it likes it or not...

What would you recommend?
(I was planning to give the gelatintreatment another try tomorrow, but this time leaving it in for 15 minutes, but I'm scared...)

Oh and my hair properties:
2b-2c (was 2b at first, now I'm getting more 2c I guess)
Density: medium - dense
medium-fine hair
porosity: don't know yet... I guess normal... it sometimes behaves like low porosity, but I do dye my hair and it has been flat ironed for 15 years
Originally Posted by Neleke
Neleke, I wouldn't be afraid of more protein. I left mine on for half an hour, and I definitely could have used a stronger treatment, longer time, or even some heat. If you didn't notice a difference, try it for longer. I've heard about the bad reactions to protein... but also that it can be fixed through good conditioning after the fact. If your hair seems limp, but not dry, give it a try. That's just how mine was. I think it sounds scarier than it is... And now you know that a bit of gelatin doesn't do anything much, so a little more seems like a safe step. Creep up on it!
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