OK. Everyone is right. I will take a step and get something done. I will talk to the attorney from yesterday and the partner that saw the misery I was in late last year and start setting up a game plan.

I will tell her that her welcome is well worn out. That she needs to circle her family wagons and come up with a plan to get herself out of my life and on to her own.

I will spend my time busy with my family and own life, and avoid any and all interactions until she is gone.

I won't wait any more. I can't wait any more.
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Good! I was going to say, if nothing else, speak to one of the lawyers in private, or one of the officers you will be registering. *It will help ease your mind about taking those first steps, if you do this. No one is going to bite. * Just ask someone if you can have a private conversation, ask the questions you need, and actually do something from there. You can get a protective order, Minxy. The fact that co workers witnessed your struggle with her can help in this situation.
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so glad to see this. Please do it ASAP. Today, if possible. And, please let us know how it goes.
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