Three things jump out at me, and I'm just basing this on the theory that we have similar hair:

- My hair hates olive oil. I've tried it as a shampoo/conditioner mix-in, as a DT, etc. in the past, and it always makes my hair heavy and lank.

- There's a lot of oil in the conditioner and the Curl Creme. Just reading the label, I would personally avoid the Curl Creme, because I've never had success with products that contain several oils. My hair is just too fine, and low-porosity, so all of that oil just sits on my hair.

- Do you know how your hair handles aloe vera? My hair likes it, and it definitely moisturizes my hair, but I know a lot of people on the forum say their hair dislikes aloe. For example, when I started CG I was using straight aloe vera gel on my hair to tame the frizz, and it never looked bad or greasy or freaked out, but it got overmoisturized fast. Aloe seems to be one of the few moisturizers that my low-po hair actually drinks right up.

So, there's my initial thoughts: it's a lot of oil, and I know my own hair gets very weighed down/overmoist from too much oil. Maybe too much aloe. Maybe others will have insight into other ingredients, too.
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