Would someone like to go with me to the grocery store?

For some reason I feel like I need company today, which is very unlike me since I'm normally just fine doing things alone and usually prefer it.

What is old age doing to me?!?!
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I'm kind of lame and love to go grocery shopping! Wish I was closer, because I'd so go with you!

Also, Cali had nice grocery stores when I was there. I love a nice grocery store!
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ditto! I love grocery shopping. At the dented can place, dollar store, farmer's market, regular grocery store. And yes, I will drive 45 minutes to go to Wegmans, which is an awesome store.
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I love grocery shopping too and have no issues driving to a new one. But then I have no issues driving anywhere because I live in the woods and am not close to ANYTHING. Except the woods. I drove to the new Wegmans here when it first opened. I went a couple of times but it is a bit far for regular shopping. But I drive 30 minutes regularly to get to whole foods and trader joes.
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In regards to Vagazzling: They just want to get into the goods without worrying about getting scratched up by fake crystals. ~spring1onu~