Miss: Dark and Lovely Glaze
I don't totally hate it but I'm not enthusiastic about this huge container of product I'm not crazy about. The first time I used it it was a disaster but then I realized I used too much because I have fine hair. The second time I used less and it was better but definitely not a repurchase. Plus I hated how the only way to get this stuff out of my hair was to shampoo. I'll probably shave with it.

Hit and Miss: Blue Eco styler
My hair hates the green and clear but I wanted to try this. I got the itty bitty jar. Just with li and oil, it dried my hair out horribly. But when mixed with fsg my hair came out gorgeous. I went dancing and my hair held when usually just with fsg it would have poofed out.

Not sure Yet: L'Oreal Evercurl Hydracharge cleaning conditioner.
Someone gave me this as bday gift. Maybe the problem is I thought it was going to be comparable to a cowash. Not true. it's much more drying. It has isoprophy alcohol which my hair tends not to like. I might as well use shampoo as use this stuff.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.

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