I agree, it would help to know what he's using. Does he use conditioner? He could use some, then put a bit of the same conditioner back in his hair as a leave-in. That could help with tangles. So would a satin pillow case. Also, most hair matting can be gently pulled apart by saturating it with water and conditioner, then using your fingers/a wide tooth comb to pull it out. He really needs to be scrubbing his scalp when he showers. He has thick hair, so he needs to be digging his fingers in there, rubbing up and down his scalp, then thoroughly rinsing. Follow that up with conditioner which he also rinses out. While the conditioner is in his hair, he can detangle with a wide tooth comb. He should only detangle while conditioner is in his wet hair. Don't do it when it's dry, because that just makes curly hair frizzy and I feel like it tangles up right after you comb it. Adding conditioner to his routine should make his hair softer and easier to work with.

I don't think shampooing, conditioning, and combing are that bad product wise. I'm envisioning a routine like this: He shampoos at the beginning of his shower, rinses that out, runs conditioner through while finger detangling/combing it in, then washes the rest of his body to give the conditioner time to work. He rinses the conditioner out completely, then he adds a dime/nickle size amount back into his hair to make it feel a bit slick. He uses a towel or cloth to scrunch water out of his hair. With this routine, I'm assuming that he likes the way it curls so he isn't going to be using styling products to manipulate it.

Tresseme Naturals and Yes to Carrots/Cucumbers have pretty gender neutral packaging and smells. You could try Suave Naturals too, but they're not as moisturizing as the other two. He's 20 though, so I don't really get why he would be worried about how manly he looks. Like, I don't know how he is, but me and my brother are 22. My brother pretty much just uses whatever's in the shower. It doesn't have to be macho or anything, because 20 year olds aren't trying to put up a false bravado in the same way insecure high school kids would.
Fine Texture, Normal Porosity, Normal Elasticity. Dyed to brown a few months ago.
Trader Joe's TTT Shampoo
Rinse Out:
Yes to Carrots, AOHR, Aubrey Organics Rosemary Peppermint
LI: Yes to Carrots
Stylers: Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, LA Looks Sports, Suave Professionals Captivating Curls Whipped Mousse

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