I have curly & quite a bit of hair. Not sure of the type of curls because my hair is short. But possibly 3 family. I need my hair to get a little longer before I can accurately type it. The texture of my hair is soft & has been dry lately. The porosity of my hair, not too sure. A couple hours before washing my hair, I put some olive oil in my hair & put a plastic cap on my hair. I used a sulfate free 3 in one shampoo (used the modified cg method to wash.) Then proceeded to detangle my hair while in the shower. After getting out the shower, I did a deep condition with a CO while sitting under my hooded dryer. Then proceeded to style my hair. I used 'nice & curly' curling pudding. (Cone free) I also have the shampoo too which is sulfate free. I have a water based gel I used so my twist out curls will stay longer, but I've never used gel before. I probably should have used the gel after styling not during. Who knows. I'm new to using gel. HELP!!!!!