Going back to my old standbys coconut oil, my butter mix and a spray bottle. my hair was very soft


Finding out I still have plenty of the almond jai twisting butter by Camille rose and testing it out on a section. It seems great for twisting on the section I tried, however since it has honey in it the remaining question is will it impede me detangling that section easily. So I guess that makes it a pending hit.


Finding out there is a target that is just a 15-20 minute walk from my house and that they too carry the Camille Rose line. Their leave in is bomb.


Finding out there is a Target 15 minutes from that has a lot of other lines (Jane Carter, Karen's Body Beautiful, the new Shea Moisture products, Alba, Tigi, Matrix Biolage, etc. etc.) also. My wallet is already ready to fight me, it sees me coming.


You never stop learning...