Hi everyone,

I'm new to the website and forums. I have 2c hair, or at least I think it's 2c. I've been using Aveda Color Conserve shampoo and conditioner for such a long time now and my poor hair is just limp and awful.

I've decided that I want to really take care of my hair and I'd like to try co washing.

Trouble is, I'm extremely sensitive to any and all beauty/cosmetic products, especially those of the scented variety. I have to bend over so that my head is upside down in the shower to wash my hair because if the product touches my skin, I break out in a very itchy and ugly rash.

Does anyone know a natural or fragrance-free conditioner that is suitable for co washing and is readily available in stores in Canada. If I really must, I'll order online but I'd prefer to just go to a store (Walmart, Shoppers Drugmart, Lawton's, Dominion, Sobeys, Sally Beauty, Sears, Costco, anywhere in NL, Canada).

Price isn't a huge issue but who doesn't love to save money? If you know of a cheaper version I'd appreciate that as well.

Please help me out,