I couldn't go through my entire jar of curl enhancing smoothie w/o throwing it away.
If I used it on wet hair, my hair would stay wet for god knows how long. If I used it on dry hair my hair would dry out a little while later.
I cant really use protein on dry hair. It is very drying to me so my leave ins tend to not have protein, silicone or mineral oil. All three of these wreak havoc with my dry hair.
On wet hair protein and silicone is not as bad...depending on whether I have been using a lot of either. The silk protein may very well be my issue with the coconut hibiscus line.
For some reason though I actually did like the curl and style milk. However, for me it had two issues, the first being that if I applied it that morning I would need to re-moisturize a few hours later. The second issue was that it would sit on my hair a while before it would absorb. For this reason the bottle which is 8 oz and relatively fairly small lasted me 6 months. I liked it much more than the curl enhancing smoothie.

The Shea restorative line I don't really use anymore because it was too waxy for me and I have found a gentler shampoo. The African black soap line was too stripping except for the masque which I realize now I wasn't using properly. On me it would work better as a conditioner wash than a before shampoo treatment or deep conditioner. It is very cleansing on its own on my hair.

So all in all, except for the new Shea moisture products because I have not tried them yet, I can really only say I 'liked' the masque and even that is iffy. I will have to revisit it to make sure.

I have found a better leave in, shampoo and moisturizer and while I am still keeping my eyes peeled for a DC, Shea moisture never really offered me anything in that regard. The deep treatment mask in the gold label was waxy and hard to distribute and I hear bad things mostly about the yucca baobab mask (mainly that it has no slip). I also am not in the market for a protein DC so I wouldn't even try the Yucca Baobab mask.


You never stop learning...