Keep in mind that henna is permanent. And, color from a gloss will only show up on light hair.
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Yes. The whole permanent thing is rather frightening. I have also skipped the gray and strands of my hair are snow white, although not too many just yet. Not sure if it is something I want to commit to just yet.
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Do a test!

The first time I hennaed years ago, I wanted to be a redhead, not just strawberry blond, but I was worried about the outcome. My hair was down past my shoulders so I did a test strand in the back underneath close to, but not on the hairline. I figured if I hated it, it would be pretty well hidden, even if I wore my hair up. So for a week, I had light strawberry blond hair with one red curl that no one noticed. But I loved it and went back and redid all of my hair. Since I am using a different henna this time, even as a gloss, I may do that again.

I have used the cassia as well. It just made my hair shiny, with no visible color change. But I got it at Sally's and it was labeled as "clear" henna so I don't know about the quality of it. It did not last nearly as long as henna; I remember that.

RCW - I read on a website last night that henna can dry your hair out. I've never experienced that. Have you? I am looking into oils to add to my gloss directions while I wait for my henna to arrive. I am impatient!!!
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No, henna doesn't dry out my hair. In fact, I don't even use conditioner at all anymore, because my hair is in such fantastic shape after years of hennaing. (I just use shampoo and then a little gel.)

Anyway...clear henna from Sallys was probably cassia, but it would have been quite inferior quality to what people who want to dye their hair yellow/blonde would use. Cassia takes some time to figure out how to get the most out of it, and it's stain is light as compared to the intensity that henna can have, but a quality cassia does add color.

I do not add any oils to my henna, because oils inhibit dye uptake and I'm trying to get my henna stain as dark and powerful as possible. Besides, oils weigh my hair down. Some people add oil to help with rinse out, but that isn't an issue with a gloss, because the conditioner makes it easy to rinse.