I can't do it, sincerely, I know it's only been a few days, but my hair is seriously hating me right now, mineral oil/petroleum jelly makes it feel amazingly soft, but whoaaaa is it greasy. I supposed that is why they invented silicones. There's almost nothing I dislike more than the proverbial grease spot when you resting your head against something.

If I had more money and could afford some jamaican castor oil or some other heavy oil - because I've discovered through petroleum jelly and mineral oil that my hair likes heavy oils- I'd definitely try this again. But on a college student's budget and the cost of these grease stains on my pillows/clothes/hair, I'm gonna have to quit the race early It's so sad

Where can I get relatively cheap castor oil? Everywhere I find some, it's upwards of $20 a bottle, and that's just regular castor oil.