Thank you CurlyIndianGirl! I think that's just my natural hair. My hair's really curly but because it's so long and thick the curls get looser so they're more wavier.

Maybe if I told you my routine there might be something to explain it?

Before washing I use a deep conditioning mask with honey and olive oil. I shampoo with a cheap silicone free shampoo and condition with rainforest moisture from the Body shop. Then I put my hair up in a towel for 5- 10 mins while I get dressed and apply some coconut oil to it. I split it in half and apply to each side, sometimes scrunching, and throw my hair forward (I don't know how to explain the position) and scrunch a bit with a tiny bit more oil. Then I sit by our wood stove and air dry. If we didn't have the stove my hair would never dry. Just before going to bed I'll diffuse around the root of my head to completely dry it. The first night I sleep with it in a very loose ponytail to calm it down a bit.

I don't know if that will help?
This is my prayer. That I'll die living just as free as my hair.