I used to get tormented on the schoolbus in the 8th grade by a group of boys. Every day. They would scream things at me, a few times one would bring a balloon and poke me in the butt as I was getting off the bus, they were AWFUL. I used to go home and sob.

My mother called the school, talked to the bus driver, the principal, nobody did ANYTHING.

It was awful, and I still remember those boys and every one of their first and last names.

I tried yelling back at them as I got off the bus, giving them the finger silently as I got off, nothing made them stop.

So, I took matters into my own hands, and when I'd see one of them in the hallway in school and there were a lot of kids around, I would casually kick them REALLY REALLY REALLY HARD AS I COULD in the shin as I walked by them. I wouldn't move my head at all or make eye contact, I'd just kick them as hard as I could and keep going.

I actually got a pair of pointy ballet flats for this very reason...to make them hurt as much as possible.

I know violence is never the answer, but my GOSH. I was in so much pain that year because they used to torment me so much on the bus and nobody would do anything to make them stop.
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I had terrible experiences in school. I'd dream of killing everyone.... Torturing them until they... just.... DIED! I hated these people. To this day I never want to see them again.

The potato thing is scary to me too. O.o

I'm so afraid of "trash company" (I REFUSE to even type them!!!) That after the trash has been in the house for 3 or more days, I won't look at it. I'll squint so I can just get the gist of where the can is when I dump stuff in it. *Damn shame*