Congrats, SCG!!

Eeeeeeeh, Gawd. Now I am thinking about all the calls I will have to deal with soon. The countless people who see a baby bear in a tree, just outside or inside of a town, and camp under it waiting for help to arrive. They cry about how horrible local authorities are because they will not help, and call in news crews to document the injustice. All the while locals walk by, and shake their heads. Everyone tries to explain that people just need to back away, and leave the bear alone. It is staying in the tree because you are absolutely terrifying it, and if it's mom is near by, the large crowds have her too scared to join her cub. If you go away, it will come down and go back into the woods.

And those who call because they didn't expect to encounter bears when they moved to the sticks, want the removed, and get mad when they are told that will not happen. Fast forward to a few months later when they call during bear hunting season in a pure panic because they hear gun shots. Um, you live in the woods, and by a designated hunting area. At that point population control and rednecks are all that is wrong with the world.

Omg, B*tchy McB*tch! Shut up and go back home!
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I'd want to strangle all those people who make these complaints. I thought my job was bad enough. Makes me glad I live in a city
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It can make the blood boil, and absolutely nothing pleases them, ever! If you are that miserable with the way things work in more rural areas, you are free to leave. Lol. I won't stop you.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??