Let's see ... Friday I went to a 45-minute spin class (followed by breakfast at Denny's). Saturday I biked 20 miles and yesterday I ran 5.5 miles. I lifted weights this morning and am planning on biking around 20 miles this afternoon.

Despite all this, I am feeling fat I had a crappy week of eating last week. Lots of traveling and my period. I think I ate every other meal at Panera! It's really discouraging that I will gain weight even with this amount of working out.
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I feel you. I was running ~50 miles a week for most of December and January, but a bad week of eating and I could still gain weight.

I find that when I'm training hard, it takes up so much time that it's easy to end up grabbing food out somewhere because I don't feel like cooking. Not to mention that I'm hungry all the time when working out that much and it's easy to snack too much.

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