I don't know where the laced stuff is going. I've smoked a LOT of pot. Just about every day for 10 years. I've smoked with strangers at a Van Halen concert, at a James Taylor concert, and a Stone Temple Pilots concert. I've smoked with people at parties, outside of bars in Worcester, and I've bought weed through friends and friends of friends. I've never had a bad laced experience.

Now I DID see a friend of a friend who got laced stuff but she went into a bathroom with a bunch of guys who had her cornered in there - I mean, come on. Do Not smoke by yourself with a bunch of sketch balls.

I spent a good 6 months doing ecstasy on the weekends, and a year a little too wrapped up in the excitement of cocaine. Not my best years in decision making. But at the time it was fun and I at least know how to spot the signs.

I spent a few years every weekend at the clubs. I drank like I was a large, grown man. I danced, I got free drinks, I stayed up til dawn, I threw a drink in a guys face, ran from the cops, had a drug dealer lay his gun on my coffee table, I've seen the sun rise, slept til 7pm, got up to take a shower and do it all over again. All while keeping a very professional, supervisory position worked 45 hours a week, I had a nice car and my own apartment. By the time I was in my late 20's I stopped it all and settled down and had kids. I know I sound like a crazy person, but I was young, I had no responsibilities, and I partied a little.

Now I indulge in wine, and the very occasional, very rare, pot. If I go out, its to dinner with my man, and we're home and in our pjs by 9:30!!

Minxy, I had a 'dugout'. Its a wooden thing that has a compartment for the weed, and a one hitter pipe. I took that thing with me everywhere. I keep it now for nostalgia.

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