Well giving grief to a loved one is totally different! I live for that sorta stuff. haha

I did enough drinking in my 20's to last me a life time. Although a few weeks ago at the grocery Mr. Spring was trying to convince me to get some margarita mix. What's he up to? Nope, ain't gonna work!

I just feel sooooo incredibly HORRIBLE the next several days after drinking it's not worth it to me. Like, laying on the couch for two days feeling like I've been hit by a truck kinda bad. No, no, no.

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The amount of time from slipping on the peel and landing on the pavement is exactly one bananosecond.
I do have a secret yen for pink in unexpected places. ~ninja dog
I've decided that I'll never get down to my original weight, and I'm OK with that--After all, 8 pounds 2 oz. is just not realistic.