I confess.........I do not like the Foo Fighters.

I know, minor right? Well I mix with a lot of musicians and you'd think I said I hated puppies, skittles, and sunshine if I told them that! It's like Dave Grohl is a god to them! Yeah he's probably got some good ideas and views on the industry, I'm down with that. I just think he should have stuck to the drums.

Often I'll say things at work that seem like confessions, at least judging by people's reactions you'd think I was confessing a deep dark secret. Recently this included:
my dislike of pepperoni
the fact I've never seen Titanic, ever (I'm oddly proud of this one, and I was a teen when this came out)

I tried to get my Nana to take my younger half-sister (who was not her grandchild) because I didn't like her as a kid. I didn't quite get that I'd still have to see her because I was at my Nana's all the time. I just didn't like the addition to my Dad's household. I figured Nana could solve the problem. Now my sis and I are very close, so I'm glad I didn't find a way to get rid of her! This is a favorite tale with my family.
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I considered posting this as my confession. I have NO INTENTION of watching it.

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