My generation did it. My moms generation did it. Its been going on probably forever. Its a bit of a high, and human beings are interested in getting 'high' one way or another. I an not worried about it leading to other thing bc when it comes to more intense things they either do or they don't. The problem is parents don't talk to their kids. They don't take time to have a relationship with their kids. They are too busy involved in other things and get their kids involved in other things but avoid spending actual time with them themselves. A lack of relationship means the kids won't feel comfortable talking to their parents, and they certainly won't base their actions on whether their parents will approve of them or not.

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True, it (it being AEA more so than CG and both being a pleasurable high) has been documented since the 1700's, but it is the most prevalent now. Part of that is due to 'how to' videos that are extremely popular on you tube.

If you look up choking game, you will find autoerotic in related topics, and vice versa. No, it may not start out that way (or be known at that point) but it can lead there. Hypoxia gives boys erections, and the choking game is more popular with boys than girls. Hmmmm... Wonder why.

Iroc, I like to read up on this stuff. I am the one answering the phone when a mother finds her son hanging by his belt. *Ugh! This app!* which is happening all too frequently, when we had no calls like this for years before.
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The Internet is so amazing and useful in so many ways - and yet I cringe at the ways it is scary by it allows people with unstable thoughts find other people with unstable thoughts, and together they believe their unstable thoughts are okay - if that makes any sense. I think you'll know what I mean.

Clearly AEA is not okay.
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It's never advisable to choke yourself. I personally would not advise anyone else to choke me either.

I have read stories about 2 or 3 kids passing away from playing the choking game, with in weeks of each other, at the same school. It is horrible. 3 people died, total, the 4 years I was in high school, and they were all in car wrecks.

I don't have kids and I can not even imagine... Horrible.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??