It is good to hear that it gets easier over time. How long does it take you and how many twists do your normally do?

After oil rinsing multiple times this week in braids I took the braids down and found tangles, lots of them. It took some time to work out all of the tangles. I then conditioner washed my hair and put it in chunky twists and set it the next day. The next day I also had a time consuming detangling session. I am going to try conditioner washing the hair while in twists in order to avoid matting and tangling this time. On another note my hair is really soft and sheeny. I love how it feels and I don't have to worry about reapplying product in between wetting sessions except to use coconut oil the night before. I will continue to use sulfate free shampoo once a week as my scalp needs that to feel clean. I may see about switching to a conditioning cleanser once a week so that I may move shampooing to once every two weeks. If I get the hang of this I may be able to kiss itchy scalp goodbye.
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I've never really counted but it takes me aoubt 45 minutes to twist. then usually I go sit under the dryer awhile to speed up the drying process then go to bed but I think I'm going to start lightly blowing it out then twisting and see how that does. Also I'm not one of those people who can do a once a week detangling either because of the tangles I get from shed hair.
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